I am so glad I decided to rearrange my schedule and treat myself to a much needed weekend away! I firmly believe one should treat oneself to some special “me time” once in a while, whether it be a trip to a day spa, enjoying an afternoon of reading in the garden or a weekend away.

Calcot Manor

Calcot Manor

Having heard such wonderful things over the years about Calcot Manor and the fact that I adore the Cotswolds, anytime of the year, that is where I set my sights. Since it was still late winter, I made sure to bring along some of my cosiest pieces including a fabulous Beldora Faux Fur Arctic Blanket to snuggle with in my room. I don’t want to give the wrong impression here, Calcot Manor has every amenity a guest could ever wish for, but there is something about having one’s own blanket to curl up with, don’t you think?

Snow Fox-350x350

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I had a lovely weekend at Calcot Manor and even treated myself to a Volcanic Hot Stone Massage. (I still get the chills thinking of that marvelous and relaxing massage.) Not wanting to miss a minute, I rose early every morning to walk about the grounds and have an early breakfast with my current read. The food at the Conservatory was divine — I figured my early morning walks warranted some mouth-watering food but you will be proud, I resisted the temptation of the Apple and Blackberry Crumble (which looked heavenly, the couple next to me shared it and it was all I could do to not ask for a bite!)


On my last morning there, I arose extra early to get in a swim before breakfast. It was heavenly, no one else was in the pool yet so I had the whole place to myself it was like my own private pool at my lovely country estate.  Then it was a simple breakfast of tea and toast and farewell to my home for the weekend. I hope to return to Calcot Manor in the not too distant future, but I will admit, it is nice to be back home (feeling very relaxed, refreshed and a little bit spoilt!) My wish for everyone this week is for you to have some special “me time” and treat yourself, even if it is something very small, to something that refreshes and re-energizes you and makes you happy!